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H-1B and O-1 Visas

H-1Bs Visas

Thu Nguyen works with U.S. employers of all sizes to bring in talented professionals under the H-1B program. It is a complex and highly regulated program by both the USCIS and the Department of Labor.  Ms.  Nguyen will work closely with you to ensure that the process is smooth and that you are in compliance with all the program regulations imposed by various agencies involved in the process.

The H-1B program permits employers to hire foreign nationals to perform the duties of a specialty occupation.  Examples of specialty occupations are physicians, medical technologists, accountants, engineers, and teachers. The individual must hold a 4-year Baccalaureate Degree (or a foreign equivalent) in a field related to the position.

Ms. Nguyen can assist you with the following:

H-1B cap subject petitions

H-1B cap exempt petitions

H-1B change of employer petitions

H-1B extension petitions

H-1B (consular processing) petitions

O-1 Visas

There are some individuals who may also qualify for the O-1 visa.  O visas are temporary visas available for foreign nationals of extraordinary ability in the fields of science, education, business or athletics coming to perform services for a U.S. entity. An employer or agent must petition for an O-1 on behalf of the extraordinary individual. An O visa is an excellent alternative to the H-1B for university professors and researchers.

To obtain an O-1, the individual must be able to demonstrate “extraordinary ability” and must be coming to the U.S. to work in a position that requires extraordinary ability.

Ms. Nguyen can assist you with obtaining an O-1 visa.

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